Pericardial Mesothelioma: Quick Facts

What is pericardial mesothelioma ?

It is a cancer caused by the inhalation of asbestos dust, and is the most rare of mesothelioma cancers. It accounts for about 5% of all cases.
Its period of latency (time it takes for the symptoms to show) is approximately 30-50 years. Symptoms are similar to other diseases such as pneumonia whilst in the early stages. This makes it rather difficult to diagnose and treat.

What are the treatment options for pericardial mesothelioma ?

There are three options available for an individual diagnosed with this cancer; surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. A patient will first require a doctor's evaluation to determine which treatment option is suitable for him.

What are my chances of survival from pericardial mesothelioma ?

It is important to stress that once you start experiencing the symptoms of pericardial mesothelioma (shortness of breath, chest pains, coughing up blood, and palpitations) you should immediately seek specialized help.
The prognosis of pericardial mesothelioma depends largely on how early the cancer is detected. Should you be diagnosed in the later stages of development, your chances of survival could be very slim (usually a few months).

Can you go through each of the treatment options ?

Radiation - large doses of radiation are used to kill the cancerous cells on the pericardium. The disadvantage of using radiation to treat pericardial mesothelioma is that the vital organs close to the heart are also being damaged.
Surgery - this can be divided into two parts; aggressive surgery & palliative procedures. Aggressive surgery involves the removal of the cancerous cells from the pericardium. This procedure is only performed by an extremely skilled surgeon as the cells are usually located in close proximity to the heart and lungs. Any small mishap can have a fatal outcome.
Palliative procedures are used in the latest stages of pericardial mesothelioma. They serve the sole purpose of relieving the symptoms since the cancer is almost incurable at this stage.
Chemotherapy - drugs are used to kill the cancerous cells. Unfortunately, the majority of drugs used to treat pericardial mesothelioma have an extremely low success rate. Pharmaceutical companies are conducting trials to come up with the right combination of drugs that can produce better results for treating pericardial mesothelioma.
You also have dual therapy which is just a combination of the three methods. Cancerous cells are removed by means of surgery, then the remaining cells are killed off by radiation and chemotherapy. Although still dangerous, dual therapy has demonstrated a higher success rate than using the three individual methods alone.

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Mesothelioma Treatments - Some Basic Facts

Before we discuss about mesothelioma treatments it is important to have an understanding of what is mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer of the linings of lungs and abdominal area caused by exposure to asbestos fibers. It takes 30–40 years for this cancer to appear after the asbestos exposure. It is important to treat this cancer in the early stages otherwise it proves fatal. Various mesothelioma treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

There are two types of surgeries for mesothelioma treatments, Aggressive Surgery and Palliative Procedures. Before performing any surgery, it is necessary to check whether the heart and lungs are functioning properly. Of the two types, aggressive surgery, also known as Pneumonectomy, is complicated surgery performed on younger patients, who are good in health and can bear the surgery. Pneumonectomy involves the removal of extra pleural membrane. The main purpose of this mesothelioma treatment is to physically remove as much tumor as possible.

Palliative procedures of mesothelioma treatment are known as Pleurectomy. It is done in the early stages of cancer. This process of mesothelioma treatment involves surgical removal of pleura. However, the procedures are involved to lessen and control the symptoms rather than to cure the disease. This surgery reduces the pain caused by the tumor mass and helps in preventing the recurrence of pleural effusion. Complete removal of tumor is not possible with this procedure.

Chemotherapy is a mesothelioma treatment method that makes combined use of certain drugs for shrinking the tumor. Though some patients show only partial success to this method, some combinations of chemotherapy drugs have proved successful. Scientists have developed some new chemotherapy drugs for mesothelioma treatments.

Radiation therapy is the mesothelioma treatment method that makes use of nuclear radiations to kill the malignant cells and shrink the tumor. However, radiation therapy is an extremely difficult procedure. It can damage the healthy cells of heart, lungs, and other vital organs surrounded by radiation dosage. Dual therapy includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy along with the combination of surgery. This combination helps in killing any remaining tumor cells left after surgery and in relieving symptoms such as pain.

Mesothelioma treatments can be very expensive. However the patients suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos based diseases can file lawsuits for recovering damages medical expenses, loss of income, lost earning capacity, pain and sufferings. The mesothelioma victims can take help of expert asbestos attorneys to locate the defendants- persons/companies responsible for causing asbestos exposure.

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For additional information and advice, you may refer to various financial management websites
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Mesothelioma support – You are not Alone

Your days aren't numbered, that's for sure. With the help of Mesothelioma support, you can prolong your existence in the face of the fatal mesothelioma cancer.

Mesothelioma is a lethal cancer of the pleural lining of the lungs, mainly due to exposure to asbestos. This disease has an incubation period of 20-30 years and often people die with inadequate medical and financial assistance. Nowadays, mesothelioma support has a sure remedy for you.

An early diagnosis increases the possibility to have a longer life; so contact your doctor if you show the symptoms such as chest pain, trouble in swallowing, nausea, feeling out of breath always, increased platelet count (greater than 400,000/mcL) and have a history of asbestos exposure.

There is still a lack regarding the knowledge about mesothelioma cancer; for the ill-fated ones, there is possible mesothelioma support that can look after your rights and possible financial assistance additionally.

Services that support

Mesothelioma Support services are to be had at major cancer centers and the patient has to speak with his or her family and seek help from clergy, friends, and institutions concerning the availability of educational materials, telephone support, personalized medical information, online discussions, message boards, and individual consultation with trained counselors.

A legal counseling along with aid from housing, utilities, transportation, accurate medical treatment, pharmaceutical supplies and services should be the prime motto of mesothelioma support.

Support from the family is vital so that all adults should have a will and other necessary paperwork in place, craft a budget, and check cash flow, which can be looked after with the help of the Licensed Certified Financial Planners and Hospital Billing Representatives who will help on insurances.

Mesothelioma support can also be given from

- Bankers and Bank Trust/Loan Officers who will be able to lend money.
- Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid Representatives: They may lend a hand in giving additional sources of income and cover certain hospital payments or prescription costs.
- Attorneys who can often pull through noteworthy compensation from the Asbestos issues, guide while making a will and arrange healthcare powers of attorney and other key papers. A good lawsuit will give you the chance to win more easily.

New vistas

You should stop feeling emotionally frustrated and alone - there are many mesothelioma support groups that can help you build up your confidence. Some are:
- Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR)
- Alliance for Lung Cancer, Advocacy, Support and Education Support Groups help you to ease a bit.
- Alliance for Lung Cancer, Advocacy, Support and Education Support Hotline for mesothelioma support.
- American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Cancer Resource that has a free information program to lend a hand to the isolated cancer patients and let their families understand more about cancer, its dealings and the resources accessible to help them in beating this disease.
- Cancer Care Counseling proposes free professional counseling individually or through professional mesothelioma support groups both online and individually.
- Cancer Information and Counseling Line (CICL) has a national toll-free telephone information line intended to assist people with cancer and their families.
- An online community called the Cancer Survivors Network is planned for cancer survivors and their families and friends.
- Gilda's Club, Inc provides emotional support to the mesothelioma patients.
- Hospicelink is an independent, charitable organization, giving news on hospice and soothing care guiding through likewise programmes.
- I Can Cope is a mesothelioma support made under American Cancer Society that offers several courses that are considered to help participants to handle with their cancer experience by increasing their information, positive outlook, and skills.
- Stories of Hope that is an inspiration to the people to fight the disease.

Don't hesitate to take these mesothelioma support programmes, they are designed for your betterment.

Around 2,500 to 4,000 patients, yearly, are diagnosed with mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases in the U.S, so the mesothelioma support seeks to give you a full support. Information is power - get it and see how the problems cease to exist.

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Mesothelioma Prognosis – The science of recovering lives

A brief on Mesothelioma

A whopping 2,000 to 3,000 new cases of mesothelioma is on the rise in United States of America. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer and it is an aftereffect of the asbestos exposure. The cancerous cells tend to destroy the mesothelium, which is a protective sac that holds the internal organs of the body. Initially, pleura or peritoneum are affected and then it spreads to the other parts of the body. It is a fatal disease and the survival time of the victim is almost one year from the time of diagnosis depending on the treatment and other contributing factors.

What is mesothelioma prognosis?

Prognosis for mesothelioma is solely dependent on the merit of diagnosis and the treatment. If treatment is provided with much delay then the survival chance of the victim grows slimmer. Then again, survivability depends heavily on factors like treatment, type of mesothelioma as well as patients health and morale. The stage of the disease during diagnosis is the most crucial factor that decides the prognosis and the minimum survival expectancy of the victim. But disappointingly, mesothelioma unlike other cancers is somewhat difficult to stage. This is because the symptoms of mesothelioma are non-specific due to which the cells are already matured at the time of diagnosis.

What are the determining factors that lead to prognosis?

The early detection of the disease is imperative for pursuing any kind of treatment. The location and size of the cancer, response of the cancer to the treatment, the extent to which the cancer has spread, what impression does the cells give under the microscope and the patients age are some of the contributing factors that determine prognosis. It should be pointed out that diagnosis of the disease is not a child’s play. Further more it becomes all the very more difficult because of the deceptive nature of the subtle symptoms of mesothelioma. Like for example, if you are coughing and you might never know that you have contracted the disease unless and until your doctor clarifies it all by providing a mesothelioma prognosis.

Do you know about the mesothelioma treatment options?

Amongst the staging systems the oldest of them all is the Butchart system, based on the extent of mass, primary tumor and segregates the cancer into four stages. The TNM system is a more recent one while the Brigham system is the latest. It uses resectability and lymph node involvement for staging mesothelioma. The traditional kinds of treatments are also prevalent in case of malignant mesothelioma. Radiation therapy exercises high-energy X-rays to eradicate cancer cells while chemotherapy does it through use of drugs. Immunotherapy helps to strengthen the immune system; photodynamic therapy uses light energy while the genetic therapy resurrects the inherent genetic defects of the patient to fight the disease.

The process of removing fluid from the chest is known as thoracentesis while fluid reduction from the abdomen is known as paracentesis. Conventional surgeries and effective drugs like L-NDDP or Platar, Endostatin and Lovastatin somewhat come to the rescue of the victims of mesothelioma. The surgical removal of a part of the chest or the abdominal lining is called pleurectomy and if the lung is removed, then the operation will be termed as pneumonectomy.

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